NessaRose is free again!

NessaRose finally had her cria. I shouldn’t say finally because she was actually a few days early. I predicted she would be born on the 28th as my niece was visiting and like clockwork there is normally a baby born when she is here. So the morning of, December 28th at 8:51 AM Nessa had,… Read more »

Not a White Christmas

OK so we didn’t get a White Christmas, BUT, we did get snow here twice in the last couple of weeks. Snow is not unusual here since the mountains are just a few short miles away. It’s not unusual to have the roads closed going north, east or west and on the rare occasion south…. Read more »

Weave an Alpaca Scarf

We have just finished our first two “Weave an Alpaca Scarf” classes. This class is designed for you to learn to weave. You learn the basics and terms of weaving and the basic weave pattern. It’s just a fun easy class to learn the basics. Colleen Harvey-Arrison taught our first classes. She pre-warped the looms… Read more »

2012 Alpaca Cria’s

Here is our fall line up. 10-4-12 Cosette (dsg)female from Elphba (bb) and LV Vantagio (dsg) 10-2-12 Hugo (lf) male from Windy (bb) and LV Vantagio (dsg) 10-9-12 India (db) female from Citrine (mf) and Skywalker 10-26-12 Bentley (mf) male from Bonita (bb) and OVA Vyper (mb) 10-29-12 York (mb/lb?) male from Kiss (mb) and… Read more »

Alpaca Fiber at Lambtown USA in Dixon CA

Fibers For Sale at Fiber Festival in California

It’s always fun to have a booth full of alpaca fiber, rovings, and yarn at a fiber festival. We were way busy with lots of returning customers. What a fun day enjoyed with other fiber enthusiasts.

National Alpaca Farm Days – Arapaho Rose Alpacas

What a great day. We opened the farm from 10 to 4 for people to experience the alpaca lifestyle. The pastures were opened to visitors to interact with the alpacas. Though the alpacas were shy in the beginning they warmed up and stood, kushed or walked up to the visitors for attention. The day on… Read more »

Alpacas at the Honeybee Festival

Every year we take a few alpacas to our booth at the local Honeybee Festival. It’s a good way to get your show string alpacas bullet proof for the ring. After hundreds of hands on experiences a one on one with the Judge is “no big deal”.