Shear Bliss Born July 11, 2013

Shear Bliss is a big 20.8 pound bay black cira. Couldn’t wait around for us to see her be born. She was up and nursing waiting for someone to come out and say hello.

Meet Magdalena born July 6th 2013

Magdalena was named after a famous female contortionist. Why you ask? Well she was a bit like a pretzel on delivery day. Her presentation was two front feet and no head. She was upside down with her head back and her legs some how wrapped about her head. Thank goodness for vets with small hands,… Read more »

Happy 4th of July… our new arrival Sparkle

Can my girls pick the wrong days to deliver. This week has been unusually warm for Redding that is know for it’s warm weather. Our temperatures over the last week have ranged from 106 to 113. We set a new record for the highest LOW temperature on record. That would be a mild 87 degrees…. Read more »

So you think it’s hot

Have you ever thought about the wildlife that still has to find their food no matter what the temperature is. They don’t have air conditioning and swamp coolers like we do. This little robin has been at it all day finding food. The current temperature is about 109. The second picture is of another bird… Read more »

Meet Lindbergh on his Birth…..day!

Meet Lindbergh the latest edition to our suri herd. Born this morning at 6:59am and survived his first 106 degree day. He is a big boy 21.8 lbs. I know mom, Sunny, has to be a happy camper as he was riding around perpendicular to her back bone for the last week or so. It… Read more »

Meet Dallas

Dallas is the newest edition to Arapaho Rose Alpacas. He was born to Clarisse and was sired by Sentinel. Weighing in at 18.9 pounds. He is up and healthy, nursing and ready to go out and meet the rest of the herd. He seems to have great density and his crimp looks great.

Amelia and Daisy go to Camp Love-A-Lot.

Camp Love-a-Lot is a is a two-week summer day camp for youths ages 10 – 15. Each camper is teamed with a dog waiting for adoption. The camper is responsible for feeding, cleaning up after, and training their dog while at camp.

On the brighter side

This is the time of year the Guinea hens start sitting on their eggs. It’s also the same time we mow the long grass. It’s not unusual for us to come too close to a Guinea’s nest and they abandon it. This year in anticipation I got an incubator. When they abandoned the nest I… Read more »

Every thing is not coming up roses

While the roses are beautiful this year this is the second year that I’ve had snakes. Yikes! I hate snakes! Have been here for 35 years and last year was the first snake year. The good news is this year the snakes have just been scary 2 gopher, one king and 1 rattler. Last year… Read more »

Mowing a spring pasture

The pasture is tall and it’s time to mow. So I decided to get the lawnmower out and clean it up before I mowed. It’s always nice to have a clean machine. Well you probably already know this. I did but forgot. ArmorAll works great on vinyl to get it nice and shiny clean. Well… Read more »