Happy 4th of July… our new arrival Sparkle

Can my girls pick the wrong days to deliver. This week has been unusually warm for Redding that is know for it’s warm weather. Our temperatures over the last week have ranged from 106 to 113. We set a new record for the highest LOW temperature on record. That would be a mild 87 degrees.

You guessed it NOW was the time for Contessa to deliver. She had a small 12.7 pound female we named Sparkle in honor of her July 4th birthday. She has interesting markings at first was white and she had rolled in our red Redding soil. NO she has medium fawn ears, white or beige neck and shoulder and the rest is light fawn. Sparkle is a Redding girl now and after a good couple of rolls in our red soil she will look light fawn.

Have a great Independence Day.