Alpaca Herdsires for Sale in Redding, California

It’s hard to find anything that compares to the soft, sturdy fiber of the alpaca. Alpaca products have a lightweight comfort and quality that is difficult to find with any other material. There are many benefits to having your own alpaca or breeding a herd. With a herdsire from Arapaho Rose Alpacas, you can start your own top-quality alpaca herd and have their beloved fiber at your fingertips.

Our farm in Redding, California raises award-winning alpacas with premier genetics. You won’t find higher quality alpacas for breeding or raising anywhere else. If you’re looking to start or grow your own herd, our top-tier herdsires are perfect for the job.

Buy Alpaca Herdsires in CA

The alpacas at Arapaho Rose Alpacas are in the top 25% of the country or higher, with some falling in the top 1%. We go to great lengths to ensure our males are likely to produce first-rate offspring and superior fibers. For each herdsire, we perform an expected progeny difference (EPD) to select the top breeders for sale. Then, we compare that against other tested animals to assure the finest genetics. Our herdsires are in the top genetics in the country.

To guarantee our herdsires will produce not just quality herds, but also premium fiber, we rank them by the quality of their fibers. We look at the fiber of each alpaca under a microscope to make this determination. Other famous alpaca herdsires that share genetics with the Arapaho Rose stock include Legacy, El Nino, Bueno, Bisturi, and Snowmass.

Grow your alpaca herd with the best herdsires for sale in California!

Raising alpacas has been one of our greatest joys. With our herdsires to help start or grow your herd, we know it will be the same for you. Whether you want them as companion animals or to use their fibers to sell alpaca products, Arapaho Rose Alpacas has the herdsire for you.

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