Mowing a spring pasture

The pasture is tall and it’s time to mow. So I decided to get the lawnmower out and clean it up before I mowed. It’s always nice to have a clean machine. Well you probably already know this. I did but forgot. ArmorAll works great on vinyl to get it nice and shiny clean. Well it also makes it really slick.

Really slick is not so good when it’s on a lawnmower seat and you are mowing hills. HOLD ON. I almost slid out of the seat a couple of times.

The grass was so tall I couldn’t see the irrigation sprinklers that sit about 2 – 2.5 fee high. I went slow and managed to get it all mowed without running over any. Yahoo!! The dogs Holly and Havana were busy helping but I couldn’t see them in the long grass. Good thing Havana does not really like the lawnmower so stays away lounging in the shade under a tree. Holly on the other hand runs on the side away from the chute almost the whole time. She’s one tired dog.