2012 Alpaca Cria’s

Here is our fall line up.
10-4-12 Cosette (dsg)female from Elphba (bb) and LV Vantagio (dsg)
10-2-12 Hugo (lf) male from Windy (bb) and LV Vantagio (dsg)
10-9-12 India (db) female from Citrine (mf) and Skywalker
10-26-12 Bentley (mf) male from Bonita (bb) and OVA Vyper (mb)
10-29-12 York (mb/lb?) male from Kiss (mb) and OVA Kiernan
11-28-12 Terra (bg/lf) female from Hevaeh and White Saber (w)

Still to come:
NessaRose. any day
Sierra Feb 13
Tuula Feb 13
Sedona Feb 13