Author: Karen Kelly

Honeybee Festival

This weekend was the Palo Cedro Honeybee festival. We have been participating in this event for the last 6 years. We take alpaca products and a couple of alpacas each day. We are spinning and weaving in the booth but by far the biggest attraction is the alpacas. We normally bring alpacas that are going… Read more »

Ide Adobe Day SHP

I joined fellow weavers and spinners at Ide Adobe Day in Red Bluff. We wore period dress of the 1850’s. I can tell you I have a whole new respect for those people and the cloth they wore. It was a reasonably hot day probably around 100 degrees. We did get a spot under a… Read more »

Fun Day Scarf Making

What a lovely day we had making felted scarves. It is amazing how a group of people with the same resources can create totally one of a kind scarves.

The Joy of meeting a Cria

Farm visitors love meeting the crias. These two visitors got to hold Magdalena and Sparkle who are both about 20 days old. You can see the joy in the kids faces. Here is where you create a memory.

Dye Play Day

The temperature’s are rising but that didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. When went into dyeing frenzy mode. We dyed in crock pots single colors, multiple colors, we did fiber, roving, sock yarn and silk. We also painted rovings and yarn. We did subdued colors, and wild colors. While we were waiting for the dyed… Read more »

Lavender Fields Forever!

Had a fun day off the farm. Met with some friends and visited the Tuscany Heights Lavender Festival. You could buy a $5 ticket to cut your own lavender. They said you can cut all you want. Probably not the correct thing to say with alpaca people with lots of fleece to protect. Richard the… Read more »

Shear Bliss Born July 11, 2013

Shear Bliss is a big 20.8 pound bay black cira. Couldn’t wait around for us to see her be born. She was up and nursing waiting for someone to come out and say hello.

Meet Magdalena born July 6th 2013

Magdalena was named after a famous female contortionist. Why you ask? Well she was a bit like a pretzel on delivery day. Her presentation was two front feet and no head. She was upside down with her head back and her legs some how wrapped about her head. Thank goodness for vets with small hands,… Read more »

Happy 4th of July… our new arrival Sparkle

Can my girls pick the wrong days to deliver. This week has been unusually warm for Redding that is know for it’s warm weather. Our temperatures over the last week have ranged from 106 to 113. We set a new record for the highest LOW temperature on record. That would be a mild 87 degrees…. Read more »

So you think it’s hot

Have you ever thought about the wildlife that still has to find their food no matter what the temperature is. They don’t have air conditioning and swamp coolers like we do. This little robin has been at it all day finding food. The current temperature is about 109. The second picture is of another bird… Read more »