Author: Karen Kelly

Snow in Redding

I know snow is not unusual but it is unusual in Redding. I have a whole new respect for those of you that live in areas are cold and snowy all winter. I really don’t enjoy hauling warm water or bucking hay in the snow. Fingers cold, feet cold, you know it’s cold when you… Read more »

Fantine at in ICU at U C Davis

Good and bad news. Had to take a Fantine to UC Davis (Vets School). A week ago last Thursday, Fantine was what I call “ADR” (ain’t doing right). It happened the day I had the group from Endeavor out. In the morning Fantine moved out with the rest of the herd but as the morning… Read more »

Doris’ Story

Doris has a variety of physical limitations and is in a wheel chair. In 2012 she came with her mom to the NAFD event. Her mom tells me she still talks about being here and has fond memories of that outing. In 2013 Doris received some money from a relative. When her mom asks her… Read more »

Gold Country Gathering

What a great show and fun time I had at Gold Country Gathering alpaca show. Well maybe I had such a good time because it’s probably one of the best showing I’ve had. I took the same 6 alpacas that went to AlpacaMania, Fantine, Amelia, Gypsy, Terra, Cora Lee, and Cosette. We took 2 Reserve… Read more »

AlpacaMania 2013

I just have to say I always enjoy the Alpacamania show in Central Point Oregon. It’s always fun to reconnect with people you haven’t seen for a while. It’s even better when you go into the show ring and get good placement. I believe the alpacas I took to Mania this year are the best… Read more »

Booth at Lambtown 2013

This is the seventh year we have had a booth at Lambtown in Dixon, CA. It’s interesting to observe the cycle of interest in the attendees. Several years ago when the economy first took a down turn you saw people getting back to the basic like knitting and crocheting. The following year the people were… Read more »

Honeybee Festival

This weekend was the Palo Cedro Honeybee festival. We have been participating in this event for the last 6 years. We take alpaca products and a couple of alpacas each day. We are spinning and weaving in the booth but by far the biggest attraction is the alpacas. We normally bring alpacas that are going… Read more »

Ide Adobe Day SHP

I joined fellow weavers and spinners at Ide Adobe Day in Red Bluff. We wore period dress of the 1850’s. I can tell you I have a whole new respect for those people and the cloth they wore. It was a reasonably hot day probably around 100 degrees. We did get a spot under a… Read more »

Fun Day Scarf Making

What a lovely day we had making felted scarves. It is amazing how a group of people with the same resources can create totally one of a kind scarves.

The Joy of meeting a Cria

Farm visitors love meeting the crias. These two visitors got to hold Magdalena and Sparkle who are both about 20 days old. You can see the joy in the kids faces. Here is where you create a memory.