Doris’ Story

Doris has a variety of physical limitations and is in a wheel chair. In 2012 she came with her mom to the NAFD event. Her mom tells me she still talks about being here and has fond memories of that outing.

In 2013 Doris received some money from a relative. When her mom asks her how she would like to spend it. She remembered her trip to the alpacas and wanted to share that experience with her friends. Her mom, Marna, called to see if it was possible to bring a group of 35-50 challenged young adults to the ranch. She was looking into what the cost would be and if Doris could afford it. I explained it would certainly be possible and I would not charge for the event. Doris was delighted.

On October 24th the students and staff for Autistic Endeavors visited the ranch. Most of the student’s field trips are to indoor activities. So this outdoor activity was a real treat and we had beautiful weather for it. We opened our pastures to allow everyone to roam among the alpacas. We provided pellets for them to feed the alpacas. A great time was had by all.