CLASS – You made THAT on a Rigid Heddle Loom! This class has been cancelled and will be rescheduled


Sunday April 19th 10 AM – 2pm

Instructor: Colleen Harvey-Arrison,
$20 Non-Members

No weaving experience necessary. Please email for your reservation.

BRING: A lunch. If you plan on practicing on a pre-warped loom, please bring yarn and a stick shuttle (if you have one)

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Colleen will be demonstrating weave structures most commonly use on a rigid heddle loom:

Anything but “plain” plain weave
Finger Controlled lace Weaves
Pick up for warp and weft floats
Warp and Weft faced cloth
Using 2 heddles for finer setts and double layers
Variable dent reeds

Colleen will warp a loom in less than 40 minutes: measuring, sleighing, beaming and threading using the direct warp method.

After lunch, student will have the opportunity to experience weaving on one of the pre-warped looms.