CLASS – Exploring Mushroom and Lichen Dyes with Alissa Allen

SATURDAY, MAY 16TH 10am to 3pm

$80 Includes all supplies – Pre-registration required at or email questions to Alissa Allen

Many wild mushrooms and lichens contain permanent, intensely colored dyes. In this workshop, you will explore a multitude of local dye mushrooms.

Wild foraged fungi and ethically harvested lichens will define our palette. Using 10 species of urban and woodland fungi, along with eco-friendly mordants, we will create a full spectrum of incredibly rich colors – about 20 in all! Learn about foraging, ethical practices, basic identification concepts, and get hands on experience extracting mushroom and lichen dyes for wool and silk.

Shibori dye techniques will be demonstrated and you will take home a beautiful hand designed silk chiffon scarf, a rainbow of dye samples created in class, recipes and complete instructions for recreating the dyeing process at home, and a color guide to the best local dye fungi and lichens.

DO NOT MISS THIS unique educational opportunity to learn about the brilliant dyes found in wild mushrooms and lichens.

Pre-Registration is required