Alpaca Fiber – Brown

Price: $80.00

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Product Specs:

  • These are the BROWN alpaca fleeces.
  • Royal 39 ounces 18.8 Micron $137.00 Light Brown
  • Delight 33 ounces 23.9 Micron $83.00 Medium Brown
  • Clair 40 ounces 19.4 Microns $120.00 Dark Brown
  • Sensation 29 ounces Microns $72.00 Dark Brown
  • SOLD. Magdalena 33 ounces 22.3 Micron $99.00 Light Brown

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Each color group has a range of colors. BROWN would be any color darker than Dark Fawn and lighter than Bay Black.



These alpaca fleeces have been heavily skirted and are very clean so you only get the best of fiber from the blanket. These alpaca fleeces are raw so there could be some minor vegetation. Alpaca fleece has no grease so it’s easy to wash.

The lower the micron the finer the fiber. If micron are shown that fleece has been lab tested for fiber traits including micron.

All fleeces are guaranteed to meet your expectations. If you are not satisfied, the fleece can be retuned for a full refund (minus shipping cost). They must be returned in the same condition and weight as when they were shipped.


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